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"The seemingly innocuous matter of seed potatoes"

Brexit Facts4EU highlight one of the many seemingly interminable issues that absolutely defy logical resolution - the thwarted export of seed potatoes from Scotland to Northern Ireland (and indeed to the Irish Republic and the EU).

I will spare you the details (read the article for these) but we all know that if reason and logic were the only factors of importance we would never have agreed to the NI Protocol in the first place. It was always there to nag away at our terrible democratic decision to leave the warm bureaucratic embrace of the EU, with a view to ultimately confusing us into believing that we should in due course return to the fold. Or to force Northern Ireland into the EU alongside Southern Ireland.

The fact that our standards for seed potatoes remain the same as when we were an EU member should mean that mutual recognition of standards would be a no-brainer for trade within the UK, but of course we are dealing with the EU, so we are not in reality negotiating trade terms but political "partnership" terms - and the EU as senior "partner" is determined to bend us to its will.

The fact that we are still "negotiating" the unnegotiable tells us all we need to know about the good faith of our government. It remains in perfect good faith with the EU, if less so with is own population.