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Davis Scott, stalwart of UK Column, tells us something about his history, reviews how he got involved in journalism, and spills a great many beans about the state of the British State today.


(54 minutes)




"There are conversations that we should be having"

Quite so.

Andy Thomas is an accomplished author, event organiser, presenter and free-thinking human being who challenges conventions and debunks the need for compliant thinking.

His style is to present both sides of an argument, sometimes to the frustration of those who think the argument already over, but quite in keeping with his objective of encouraging us all to inform ourselves, to question the narratives that we are fed, and to form our own views of the world.

We should all be aware of Andy.

(71 minutes)


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One supposes that the FBI must have had a reason to do this, the only question is whether it was a good or a bad reason.

After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid at my home was not necessary or appropriate

For a "former" president of the United States to be raided is unheard of.

If this is a prelude to his arrest, I can't think of a better way to provoke a civil uprising in America.  

(3 minutes)




The B of E is forecasting increasing inflation, allied with a recession, and has raised interest rates into the teeth of the oncoming financial storm.

Nigel Farage, discussing the issue for South Bank Investment Research, is (as one might expect) unimpressed. 

Now I don't want to endorse any financial commentator but Nigel is essentially a politician and this is a result of the political decisions of the last .... well, half century at least. We may not share his views but he makes some good points.

One can interpret the entrails until the cows come home (as almost everybody undoubtedly will) but taking into account the medical narradigm that the WHO (most likely in alliance with the NHS) still hopes to impose on us this autumn (Monkeypox anybody?), what this really demonstrates is that our global systems (political, economic, monetary, medical, you-name-it) are broken and corrupt beyond repair and things won't change until our "ancien regime" is collapsed and replaced.

The French Revolution showed us that such transformations don't tend to go smoothly, so we ought to start thinking about what sort of government (if any) is really necessary in the future - if we don't do so, somebody else will do it for us their own benefit.

(10 minutes)


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This video is a month old already - but he presents his views in a calm measured fashion, and Julian Assange gets a mention.

He also brings a historical perspective to the changes that have taken place in western journalism over his career, and how he sees the political situation in Australia.

"We must be sceptical of absolutely everything"

(20 minutes)


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