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This is a deep dive into one person's view of the current state of the world.

Beware strong language - if you don't like strong language (and the occasional slurping of coffee) you will almost certainly be offended by the concepts presented.

The parallel between an insect hive and the way the world works (and has worked for many years, possibly centuries) is striking, and I think it provides quite a clear model for what we are going through at the moment.

Still with us? Plenty of woo below, so - dive in!

"... over these next few months, we will see the degradation and collapse of the Federal Reserve Central Bank system"


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This week Mr Fulford has provided an audio report which covers a lot of ground.

You can find the original article here (but to read it all you need a subscription) and audio here.

He certainly provides a plausible narrative, but as I have noted earlier, it isn't possible to cross-check with other sources ...   so you will need to trust your own judgement on this one.



"What happens over the next two weeks is key"

"This war is an information war ... all other wars took place within this one"  

"The self-organising collective ... has been battling the globalists ... if one had within that collective military intelligence ... at some point it would be necessary ... to provide a pathway for information to go to the populace ... to start seeding the populace for the expected counter-insurgency operations ..." 

"... and on Oct 31 2017, it [the self-organising collective, now known as "Q"] announced itself"

"... in order to support the information war,  we have pre-positioned our actual physical assets so that it will hopefully remain an information war, and that's where we are right now"

"... this has been planned since the 1900s ..."

"... this war is so damned goofy you have to be initiated into a secret society to see it going on!" 

Clif High presents his analysis of what has been going on recently in global politics - and indeed, not so recently. 

This is an unmissable deep dive into the current global politics.

But is he right?

This video is not for the faint-hearted - just keep calm and carry on.

Well, it seems that video has been taken down.

The video below is approximately contemporary, so contains much of the same material, although it doesn't have some of the overtly political analysis. Spot the similarities to happenings in the UK:


If you like the above, you can find another Clif High interview with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com. Whilst there is inevitably some repetition of the above videos, Clif gives us a very wide-ranging analysis which covers a multitude of facets of the unfolding situation.


Benjamin Fulford's world view is probably unlike anybody's (or anybody that you may have heard of).

I flag it as "Conspiracy (theory)" because it is impossible for ordinary mortals to verify and cross-check much of it with independent sources, but to ignore it would be to deprive my readership of an unconventional view-point that is both entertaining and seems to fit a great deal of what has been afflicting our benighted world in recent years - so I encourage the adventurous to read on (even to purchase a subscription so you can read it all), but if you are still wedded to mainstream media then it's obviously not for you ... 

His two most recent are linked below (and fascinating reading they are too) but if you have a subscription you can read all his latest blog entries here.

I make no claim as to his accuracy or truthfulness - those are for you to judge.




We have all (or if you are new to this site, nearly all) heard of the WEF's (World Economic Forum) much hyped Great Reset which the world awaits in calm trepidation, but "conspiracy theorists" also track what we have for want of a better term dubbed the Greater Reset.

Which reset will win out? It seems that our world is not going back to the "old normal" any time soon, and probably never will.

So what is the latest word on Conspiracy Street?

Benjamin Fulford has the update.