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"In fact, it’s just plain stupid. And breathtakingly so"

"But the worst thing about this plan is that it will do virtually nothing to improve the climate while it destroys much of the free-market economy"

"In fact, what is coming to pass was best forewarned by late economist and Nobel laureate Friedrich von Hayek in his seminal 1944 work The Road to Serfdom"

Yes, it's another article critical of "green" energy policies, and well worth reading, not for the green/ungreen arguments but for the unspoken assumptions upon which these arguments are put forward. 

Well, they are spoken of now, and the AIER has done us a service in reminding us all that these arguments are not and never were about keeping the planet cool. They are about staying free - free to think for ourselves, free to argue the case (even when utterly wrong-headed - how else will the wrong-headed test their beliefs and be free to improve or discard those that don't stand up to scrutiny?).

Free to disagree and to argue for a better world. Free to be wrong as well as free to be right. But most of all, free to decline the coercive control of those who set themselves up as our rulers, and free to trust the individual choices of the people themselves to determine the future.

"an authority directing the whole economic system of the country would be the most powerful monopolist conceivable"

Well, Hayek had the principle right, but not quite the detail ...  we don't today face a national monopoly power, we face a global monopoly power.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall!