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Boris is widely trailed in today's media as about to confirm that restoration of our freedoms will be put back by "4 weeks", just to be sure.

Lockdown Sceptics is having none of it.

"The Prime Minister is correct in saying that hospitalisations have risen in the last few weeks. He must have forgotten to mention how that relates to the overall context – in that the rise is negligible in practical terms"

"Continuing to measure ‘Covid cases’ in the community makes about as much sense as testing for the common cold – also frequently caused by a coronavirus, by the way"

"Generally speaking, I’m an adherent to the ‘cock-up’ school of disaster rationalisation – but the last few months have changed my mind"

"I have concluded that the Government and its advisers are not playing the same game as more rational members of the British population. They select and present data points to justify political acts rather than as tools to inform decision making"

"I also struggle to understand why important planks of medical ethics have been casually tossed aside in recent months. How is it that the Government is recommending vaccinating children with a brand new set of medications (the long-term effects of which are not known) for a disease that poses next to no threat to the young?"

He may not have noticed, but that casual tossing aside began in 2020 with the prompt abandonment of all previously accepted epidemiological and statistical good practice, in the name of ensuring that no case of the dread Covid-19 should go undiagnosed (and never mind that weighting the testing scales in favour of Covid would ensure that many false diagnoses would result and the "pandemic" would inevitably be based upon spurious inflated figures).

Welcome to the real world, 'former senior NHS doctor'. Newcomers acknowledging reality are always welcome however late they come to the party, and we need many more in positions of influence before honest human civilisation can be resumed.

Well worth reading.