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The Track and Trace app, and no doubt hot on its heels the Vaccine Passport are coming - and you will need one or both to pop down the pub or to go on holiday - so why not just get it?

If it's an app on your mobile it will be no bother, right?

So it's a no-brainer - get it and be done with it?

If I need it to go to the pub that's OK too, no bother to scan the QR code on the way in. And it will let me go to other venues as well - football, tennis, theatre, the list is endless - I can get my life back!

Well, listen up . . .

Its also no bother for the government . . .

,.. to roll out another "vaccine" every six months which you will need to accept to retain your freedom

... to mandate all new vehicles to require a QR code scan of your mobile before the engine will start

... to upgrade their handy app with a traffic-light system to deny you entry to selected venues (including your new car) if they think you have been naughty

... to extend the checks to include (for example) social media hate speech / anti-vaxx status etc

... in fact, to extend the system to turn off your freedom any time they like for any reason they like

... to track your every movement, so they always know where you are

The possibilities are endless, as is the supply of control-freaks who work in and for the government, not to mention Big Pharma and SAGE, whose history of moving the goalposts is legendary.

Latest rumour - it will be only temporary! Just like income tax then . . .

Just saying.


Stop Press

It appears that we have a stay of execution, at least for pubs and restaurants in England.

LockdownSceptics have the details.

This however is an idea that it seems our control-freak and liberty-denying government will never give up until forced. Now is the time to start heading it offt by all legal means - it will be almost impossible to overturn once they have done it.

They also report "Matt Hancock Summoned to High Court to Justify Opening Shops Before Pubs" - we will see how he fares, no doubt eventually, although the damage is already done for all practical purposes.