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James Corbett of the Corbett Report delivers a very well-constructed review of the Trump presidency and how it fits within the American (global?) "democratic" system.

What was the point of Trump? Was he the man to fix the system and "drain the swamp", or was he the necessary distraction that enabled those behind the scenes to take the world into the next phase of their plan for our dystopian future?

James brings a welcome forensic analysis of past pronouncements and events that gives real pause for thought, building a convincing case that Trump was not the man that many hoped (and prayed) he would be:


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As of today, it's hard to disagree with anything that James says, but there are also points that he does not cover. Trump was not just another Republican candidate, and in my mind he is clearly not intellectually to be compared with Biden - they are leagues apart.

We also should consider that the last election was used by Trump to conclusively demonstrate the very falsity of the "democracy" that James laments - is that really the action of a puppet of the "deep state"?

In any event, if Q is to be vindicated, the current suspense must be ended quickly now by the US military - nothing in the above video precludes this from still being brought about. The fact that it didn't happen in accordance with any expected timetable means nothing, since Q did not produce a timetable.

As ever, we take note of a worthy piece of journalism, and remind ourselves that until events unfold, we cannot be certain how things will turn out.