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This is all based upon a grammar.

This grammar is based upon certain punctuation which appear unexpectedly (to those unfamiliar with the grammar) within the video below - if we are not looking out for this we will get rather confused!

We are all familiar with the notion of spoken languages grammar (eg: Latin, French, German), some of us are familiar with the concept of grammar as used to define computer programming languages, but a far as I know this is the first grammar specifically introduced for legal contractual purposes.

Words to look out for in this video:




Russell Jay Gould (AKA Russell-Jay:Gould "Russell hyphen Jay colon Gould") invented his grammar as a means to revise the basis of legal practice world-wide, removing ambiguities from contractual matters expressed using the grammar.

He is also the Postmaster and flag-holder (on behalf of the USA) recognised by the new grammatically-correct Global-Postal-Union (successor to the grammatically-incorrect Universal Postal Union) in Bern, Switzerland.

" ... with my syntaxing of the Charter for the Universal Postal Union, I nullified the authorisation for the Universal Postal Union to enter into contract with anyone since the year 2001"

" ... for all the dumb-a***s of the world who think there is a banking system, who think that there's presidents, it is just not, it is martial law and the theatre of martial law is controlled by 'might makes right'  "

" ... if you are going to be a [federal postal] judge, these are the criteria that you must have in place prior to making those claims"

" ... this is not a certified seal from the US Government, and that I had stumbled onto a private club of judges functioning as a rogue agency ...  "

But does all this hold up in Court?

(55 minutes)


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This is all very technical and legal, and requires some work to unravel and understand.

The presentation is also rather emotional to UK ears, unbefitting one might think to the master of the supreme court of the US.

Will we all have to relearn how to write our legal contracts? At least that would be work for legal beagles redrafting all the small-print in the world!

More information and videos at: :LAST-FLAG-STANDING.

For more general background, see USA Inc Corporate Bankruptcy - Updated

It is also all very US based - but if the Global-Postal-Union is a global organisation then surely the knock-on effects will be global?

This story may run and run ... or may simply be ignored - but Russell-Jay:Gould is still at large and still making his claims.