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Dr Steven Greer has devoted himself for many years to the investigation of UFOs and the associated paranormal phenomena.

His investigations include the potential overlap of such matters with the activities of the "deep state" military-industrial complex which some believe to have swallowed untold billions of US taxpayer dollars, never to be accounted for. Other nations including the UK may not be entirely innocent either.

The convergence of global politics, false flag attacks, "pandemics", and global societal breakdown seemingly driven by deliberate action globally suggests that we would be wise to educate ourselves about all these matters, and Dr Greer's contribution to this need is his new feature film which is being distributed free of charge via free-to-watch sites such as ours.

"PLEASE let everyone know that they may see The Cosmic Hoax for FREE on youtube AND you may download the movie in its entirety for FREE here.

"We ask that you post this film on every social media site, Youtube channel and other free site immediately to help us get the truth out! So long as the film is posted in its entirety and unedited and on a free site you have Creative Commons permission to use, share and post ! ( For commercial or monetization sites, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please send these links and the film to everyone you know on all of your social media sites and email lists today!
"Let us renew our commitment to freedom and enlightenment around the world and affirm that we hold these new truths to be self-evident: 
-That all conscious beings in the universe are created equal and are sentient by virtue of the same single light of Universal Consciousness that is awake within all;
-That the time for endless war must end and an age of Universal Peace and Enlightenment must begin;
-That the Truth that we are not alone in the Universe should be known by all and that the destiny of humanity is to join these other cosmic cultures in peace;
-That space must be preserved for peace and that all weapons must be banned from space, forever;
-That the racist ideology that divides humanity and that attempts to divide humans from their fellow denizens of the cosmos is moribund and must be banished from the Earth forever;
-That the fascist and covert powers that divide humanity, create endless war and that hide the technologies to save the earth, establish peace and justice for all, may no longer prevail on Earth;
-That we come together as one people on Earth to resist tyranny and establish the long-awaited era of thousands of years of peace on Earth and amongst the Stars;
"That we invite all people of good will on Earth and amongst the Stars to unite together as One People within One Universe. It is time"
We are very happy to oblige.
(NB: The views put forward in this film are Dr Greer's.
We do not necessarily share all his views, and in particular we do not necessarily concur with any belief that all extra-terrestrial civilisations are benign toward terrestrial humanity.
Readers may wish to check out an alternative viewpoint at The Orion Lines (see also their Bitchute channel)) but be warned that these sites show images that are upsetting and certainly unsuitable for children. It nevertheless presents a well-researched plausible evidence-based case that the fascist and covert powers mentioned by Dr Greer may in fact themselves be of alien origin, and may have been established here since before homo sapiens.
There is clearly more than one side to this story.)