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The happenings in our world today should be understood in perspective, and this article from Your Own World USA (yowusa.com) approaches it from a challenging historical perspective with which few of us may be familiar.

For the uninitiated, the postings of Q (which have been appearing since autumn 2017) are thought by many to be the unattributable work of military intelligence, whose prime objective has been to (a) demonstrate knowledge of events before they occur (sometimes years before) and (b) wake the general public up to the fact that their government, mainstream media, courts, academia, politicians, religions, and global NGOs of all descriptions (inclusive of the UN) have been corrupted.

Not just a little bit corrupted, in pockets here and there, but comprehensively and completely everywhere.

To the extent that "they" now feel ready to take over the world, dictate policy to the nation states, abolish private property, vaccinate us all with who-knows-what, use 5G to monitor our every action, drastically restrict our freedoms to live our lives as we choose, and take control of our children's upbringing.

Far-fetched nonsense? Perhaps, but look how far the Covid narrative has already pushed us down the road to total control in just under a year. Can we discount this idea? The up-side of doing so would be that we could sit back and wait for the Covid situation to resolve itself (however badly) until we can elect a "new" government (good luck with that). The down-side risk of so doing would be that we would find our world morphing rapidly into a dystopian technocratic future where we will have zero influence over the elites who govern us and no freedom to decide either our future or our children's future.

So the question arises, just who are these people who wish to control the world, where did they come from, where are they taking us, and what to do about it?

I offer you two complementary approaches, the first being a two hour YouTube video! That sounds a lot, but it covers around 12,000 years of history - and yes, obviously some of this is speculation because our history books are not authoritative at this distance and the presenter relies upon making inferences from ancient records geological, astronomical, biblical, and monumental - but he weaves a good story and who is to say they have a better history?

It is about as complex a situation as we might imagine, and may require us to consider concepts that we have previously written off as without substance, but if we can for a moment suppress our disbelief and indulge the writer/presenter in their trains of thought, I suspect and indeed hope that we may find it rewarding.


The second offering is the article that asks where we go now given the current state of the USA, whether Q has outlived his leadership role, how our current situation may relate to our history of homo sapiens sapiens, and how we as individuals might understand how best to influence our future.

For my own part I am quite prepared to concede that there may well be a great deal of truth in these assertions, although I remain sceptical of those parts of which i have no direct knowledge. Overall I think they have done us a service in offering us a researched but unconventional viewpoint.

We probably can never know the truth in all its detail, but we can have an interesting time challenging ourselves to come up with possible alternative understandings of it, even if we then set them aside for now with a "Hmmmm".