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I seem to be finding more legal cases by the day, and this is another brought to us by the Good Law Project, who have well and truly got the bit between their teeth on holding "our" government to account for their cavalier disregard for their legal responsibilities.

This one is about their responsibility to keep Conservative Party political messaging out of the government's public messaging. Bearing in mind that the May elections are imminent, this is no minor point.

It also brings once more into focus something that we may find concerning - the World Economic Forum in partnership with the UN now seems to be running the world's governments, including the Biden administration in the USA and the Boris dictatorship in the UK, as demonstrated by the vacuous WEF slogan "Build Back Better" now also mysteriously endemic across many other "democratic" western governments.

Neither the WEF nor the UN is a democratic organisation, and the reinforcement of democracy is not a tenet of WEF publications (although "intervention" by governments and regulators certainly is).

Ask yourself - who gets to go to Davos?