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The Covid-19 Assembly's legal challenge to the temporary (ie: emergency) authorisation of Covid-19 vaccines for children has been blessed with an update:

"Delay in this update has been the desire to give a date for the next hearing (of the renewed application for permission to go to a full trial of the claim)"

Well I never - a legal case being subject to delay?

Nevertheless an important admission has been forthcoming in court:

"The ONS accepted through their barrister that the increase in deaths in young males age 15 to 19 between May and December 2021, coinciding with the injectable being rolled out to the wider youth population, was statistically significant"

So the government immediately stopped the vaccination roll-out for this age group as a prudent precaution to safeguard our youth (whose benefit from the injectable is marginal at the very best) and is moving Heaven and Earth in their quest to find out if this serious (and unprecedented?) issue might be related to the vaccination roll-out?

"So far, the government, JCVI and MHRA have been notably silent in responding to demands from the public for an explanation"

So the government were so concerned about the Covid-19 virus menace that they locked down the whole nation sporadically over two years at incalculable damage to our economy, but they can't be bothered to protect our youth against the obvious possibility of a link between a novel and relatively untested gene-editing injectable (admitted to have serious adverse side-effects) and a significant increase in the deaths of our young people? 

Besides which the Government has already removed all other Covid-related restrictions in England, implying that there is no longer any abnormal threat to our health. 

At this stage this is way beyond either simple incompetence or simple negligence. It is now impossible to understand how it is not criminally culpable policy.

Read the full update.

(Footnote: at time of writing, links to the Covid19 Assembly site are not working - it was last monitored on 25th February by the Wayback Machine)