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We haven't featured any contribution from Dana Ashlie for a long time - as it turns out, that's because she hasn't been so productive of late.

But she's back, and talking to the most knowledgeable man on the planet on the topic of Technocracy (drum roll please!): Patrick Wood.

Talking about the end of humanity as we know it.

About the perversion of science to serve the global dictatorship in controlling humanity.

About the perversion of medicine to keep the masses docile and obedient.

About the replacement of money, economics, politics, and free thinking individualism by a global centralised pseudo-scientific technocratic control grid.

About the dissolution of the family, the historic bedrock of the upbringing of the next generation, taking this regenerative function into the laboratory as a "scientific" process to be managed by experts. 

"science and the truth are being attacked" - that is a quote from Dr Anthony Fauci, believe it or not, responding to criticism of himself. A superb example of a total inversion of the truth, since criticism and honest argument between peers are the essential foundations upon which real science is built.

In science, authorities are not appointed functionaries, they are experts recognised by the acclaim of their peers and that acclaim can be withdrawn at any time as more scientific truth becomes evident.

This video is another authoritative (in the true sense!) viewpoint in our series of articles which examine the New World Order from different perspectives. I have to say that this was not planned, but has taken shape spontaneously. I hope you find it useful.

(1 hr 20 mins)