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It has come to something when an "alternative medicine" site plunges into the world of global politics, but I suppose they are only following the lead of Big Pharma and the WHO. Politics and medicine are now joined at the hip, and have been ever since the politicians decided to "regulate" medical practice and monopolise it in the UK via the NHS. Strange how the denationalisation agenda of earlier Tory governments never extended to medicine.

And this is no cursory survey of the politics, but a full blown analysis of how the global "stakeholders" (mega-corporations of all kinds and their cronies to you and me) set out to overturn the rights of peoples across the world:

"The kicker is Article 29(3), which authorises the UN to suspend or remove ANY right or freedom and presumably due process of law that is contrary to their purposes and principles, which could of course change with the wind, with no mechanisms in place of any kind to check that power, they can simply do with you what they like, when they like"

"Article 29(3) of the Universal Declaration of "Human Rights is the specific clause that plunges a knife into the Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights and United States Constitution by declaring in hostile terms that "These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations"

Quite so.


Read the full article - it is a well-researched and worthy contribution to our understanding of world reset politics, not to mention our remaining Common Law rights, that "our" government would probably prefer us to forget.

Their short summary of Fascism is noteworthy, and their paragraphs on nutritional guidelines may be forgiven by those not yet prepared to challenge the medical orthodoxy imposed by Big Pharma - after all, the authors are proponents of natural healing.