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The Conservative Woman publishes an article by John Mortimer which dissects the governments fig-leaf veneer of incompetence (to somewhat mix my metaphors).

Last February / March there was room for doubt, but for me that doubt disappeared in July when we were told to wear face masks (a) without any supporting evidence and (b) despite the fact that the virus had been at that point defeated without any need to wear face masks throughout the thick of the first lockdown. Something else was going on.

This feeling is confirmed as the government continues to refuse to publish any assessment of the risks inherent in lockdown to the national economy, the national health (not the NHS!), and the myriad livelihoods dependent on the success of small businesses. They know that such a risk assessment could not stand public scrutiny, yet feel confident that they will not be held to account for their public dereliction of duty in not carrying out such an assessment. Formal risk assessments are required in many industries where employee safety is at stake, yet ignored when the government finds it inconvenient.

"Johnson’s new Red and Green manifesto is not only totally unrecognisable from the one he was elected on last year; it goes vastly beyond anything that Corbyn ever put to the electorate"

"Sage has openly discussed the use of fear as a strategy in forcing compliance from a public that can otherwise intuit that Covid is not the great threat they are told that it is"

"Much of the social and commercial transition which is being facilitated by Covid is a case of open and stated design. People just don’t see it because it is not being stated chiefly by the government, but rather by more a more complex web of bodies and structures"

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