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This is a must-view for those of us who realise that politicians are not representing our interests, and would  like to understand why it is that such politicians appear fickle, incompetent, even venal (and I hasten to add that not all politicians fit this alarming profile, just that too many do).

I am not suggesting that this video has all the answers.

Firstly it is US-centric, which is actually useful in so far as we perhaps don't already have such an emotional reaction to US as we do to UK politics, so we may be better positioned to adopt an impartial viewpoint.

Secondly it is firmly grounded in what I will call the mistakes of US politics - although UK, European, Indian, Chinese etc politics do have their differences, human beings are common to them all, so there is also a great deal of commonality across the nations, since politics could be described as essentially the art of government at all its different levels.

Thirdly, politics is inevitably the difference between good and evil, so do not be put off by the title of this video. That is of course not to say that every politician must be labelled one way or the other, but we also cannot be blind to the possibility that some probably should be - history abounds with examples, so why should today be any different? Most are probably (like the rest of us) somewhere on the sliding scale between the extremes of sainthood and devilry. 

And lastly, we should recognise that if the very top political echelons are corrupt, they will do whatever it takes to keep out anybody who is not corrupt, who may therefore expose them . . .


For my own part, I recognise that for most of my seventy odd years on this earth I was too timid to put forward my own views on many issues including politics. In matters computing I had to master the means by which I made my living. I made it mine by taking full responsibility for whatever systems I was tasked to deal with. The Brexit issue insisted that I extend my taking of responsibility into the unfamiliar political arena - and I found out that I could make a small mark there as well.

Someone has to do it - that someone can be you if you are willing to take the first steps and learn as you go.